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Business Litigation

Our goal is always to prevent a business dispute, but when one does arise, we usually can settle it before it gets to the stage of a law suit. Please contact the Barnes Law Firm if you are having a business dispute.

Below you will find links to Corporate Litigation Resources:

Commercial Law: An Overview
Review of various commercial law topics, sponsored by Cornell University Law School. 
North Carolina General Statutes
A link to all the North Carolina Laws Currently in Effect
North Carolina Courts
From the North Carolina Courts; better understand the structure
and procedures of the NC Court System 
Understanding the Federal Courts
Explanation of the structure and powers of the federal courts,
and an outline of the procedures followed.
Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts. 
Uniform Commercial Code
Text of Articles 1 through 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).
sponsored by Cornell University Law School.
FTC Guide to Antitrust Laws
Information about antitrust laws provided by the Federal Trade Commission.

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