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Securities & Fundraising

The Barnes Law Firm works with companies in Raleigh, Durham, and throughout North Carolina in need of raising capital. Many of our clients come to us as they are searching for an experienced securities and fundraising lawyer. Often times businesses offer debt (often times referred to as a convertible note) or equity securities (this can be through common stock or a Series A round) for sale as a way to raise capital. Doing so requires the navigation of complex federal and state securities regulations – typically via a private placement. Typical areas where we assist clients are:

Private Placement Memorandums – PPM
Reg D Private Placements
Rule 504 Securities Offerings
Rule 505 Securities Offerings
Rule 506 Securities Offerings
Equity Private Placements
Debt Private Placements

We have worked with a wide range companies looking to raise amounts of less than $100k, through multi-million dollar fundraising rounds. We will consult with you regarding your specific offering, and help you come up with a structure that makes sense based on your industry, the amount of capital you are raising, and the investors you intend to target. We also provide review of previously prepared private placement materials.

Let us put our extensive contacts in the Angel investing, investment-banking and venture-capital community to work for you, giving you direct access to the people and institutions with capital for your growing company.

Whether you need a significant capital infusion through an investment banking firm, an extensive private-placement memorandum to serve as a marketing document and disclosure vehicle, or an exclusive offering to accredited investors while in early financing rounds, we will carefully guide you through the process. We’ll customize our services to your company’s specific objectives.