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Licensing and Partnering

One of the primary goals of the Barnes Law Firm is to help our business client grow, a big part of this is out-licensing technology, and Partnering with larger or more specialized organizations.

With years of experience, our licensing and partnering practice supports all stages of business growth, product development and distribution. As a licensing attorney, we have played intregral parts in many licensing deals ranging from large licensing contracts with international companies, to helping local organizations work together. Our experience includes, in-licensing and out-licensing, licensing technology tools and access to technology platforms, partnership and joint ventures for product development, product development and co-development matters, collaborations and other joint research arrangements, feasibility and proof of concept partnerships, licensing from universities and nonprofit research institutes, a wide variety of matters relating to clinical trials, and manufacturing arrangements and quality agreements.

We also have particular experience in research and development matters involving biotech and pharmaceutical companies.  Our experience includes MTAs ( Material Transfer Agreements ), CDAs ( Confidentiality Agreements ), and other enabling agreements; and license options, development options, and other approaches to commercial development arising from research and collaboration relationships.

We also support our clients’ work on their products during the regulatory process and after regulatory approval.  We have experience in product acquisition and disposition agreements; supply and manufacturing agreements; and marketing, distributing, co-marketing, co-promotion, and contract sales arrangements.