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Corporate Counsel

Most of our clients not only use the firm for our specialities, but use us as a resource for all their general strategic business and legal needs. We offer the service of providing your business with contract corporate counsel services; essentially we are your outside “in-house” lawyer. Large Companies enjoy the benefit of not only working with law firms, but having lawyers on staff that are integrated into their business, and they can rely on this corporate lawyer daily to help grow and protect their business. Giving your attorney a “seat at the table” can be invaluable.

Houston Barnes has the background and experience that can help make your team even stronger. We can be your corporate counsel. For a fixed fee, we are available to your company any time, and for any reason. Without billing or fee concerns, you can integrate us into your business, bring us in on meetings, and ask questions to assure that you are reaching your potential.

This option is ideal for companies that are growing, but aren’t quite ready to take on the expense of a full-time in-house attorney.