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1789 is a new incubator that has opened in Chapel Hill. Located above 4 corners on Franklin Street, the incubator targets undergraduate and graduate students at UNC that are actively starting or growing a business.

One of the goals of the incubator is to connect the students and companies with mentors and resources. To that end, 1789 has invited Houston Barnes to hold office hours throughout the year, and help mentor students as they grow their business. Houston will be speaking tonight to the companies on the legal side of start-ups.

“I am very excited about becoming involved with 1789.” said Barnes. “I am passionate about being involved in the start-up community, and Chapel Hill has one of the most exciting and vibrant ecosystems in the area.”

1789 serves as a feeder for Launch Chapel Hill, where a large number of the companies working there are clients of the Barnes Law Firm.

ABOUT 1789:

1789 offers multiple small and large working spaces, a 20 seat venture bar, conference rooms, wireless internet, free hosting, private phone booths and regular speakers and seminars in what might be the coolest office space on Franklin St. Overlooking the post office and on the edge of campus, 1789 is a dream location for entrepreneurs in need of office and meeting space.

It’s hard to establish a business in a dorm room, library cubicle or campus meeting room. At 1789, you’ll have little trouble recruiting interns to an easily accessible location just steps away from campus, coffee shops and other popular establishments.

We can help connect you to industry leaders, experts and resources both in Chapel Hill and the greater Triangle network.

Once your idea is fully-baked and ready for more serious acceleration and mentorship, Launch Chapel Hill can help you get to the next level.

Learn More at: www.1789venturelab.com


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By: Houston Barnes